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The Great Gathering &
NYI Convention

The Great Gathering will be June 24-30, 2024 at the Virginia Nazarene Retreat Center!


During the Great Gathering, we have special events catered for our 6-12th grade students! Be a part of NYI at the Great Gathering.


This year you are able to register for, and pay for, the dorms in advance. When you arrive at the event you will simply need to check in at the Dorms table. There you will receive an armband that shows us that you are staying in the dorms and that you have paid. You will not be able to unload or enter the dorm until you have that armband on. The dorms are available for all ages. With that being said, there will be rooms for 18+ and rooms for those under 18. For a youth to be staying by themselves in the dorms, they must be entering the 6th-grade. If you have any questions about dorms, or if you have family who is in need of staying in the dorms with children not yet entering 6th grade, please contact Clay Bryan. Email: 

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